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Digital Overhaul

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T.H.E. Cat Hospital is a cat-only specialty clinic in Southern California. I was responsible for a complete overhaul to their digital experiences – from the website, to social media, and even advertising.


Role: Everything

  • Research
  • Strategy & vision
  • Roadmap & prioritization
  • Wireframes
  • Copywriting
  • UX Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Development (HTML & CSS)
  • A/B Testing


  • 100% increase in website engagement
  • 60% increase in conversions
  • 8% Ad click through rate (industry average is 2%)
  • 50% reduction in marketing costs
  • 120% increase in customer satisfaction ratings


The Problems

Their prior digital experiences were creating an expectation-gap with clients.

Their doctors are specialists, with advanced training in feline care, and they charge accordingly. However, the website and marketing material gave new clients the impression they would be low-cost. Which created some friction.

Specifically, the overall design aesthetic came across as a bit cheap. The website used clunky and repetitive navigation, overbearing colors, all-bold text, and generic photos. It felt more like a MySpace page than a site for a premium specialty clinic.

Additionally, the copy used throughout the site (and social media) was overly stuffy, repetitive, and seemed to be written more for search engines than humans.

And while more than 50% of the traffic to the website came from mobile phones, the site was not responsive. Instead, there was a dumbed down mobile version that did not contain the same information as the full site.

Prior Version

A new strategy.

In an increasingly crowded market, we decided to differentiate the brand by creating an “approachably-premium” aesthetic. So, everything was simplified, all copy was re-written, custom graphics were created, and the site was built to be beautifully responsive.


Friendly language.

Most veterinary clinic websites sound like they were written for other veterinarians. I ditched the medical jargon, and wrote all the copy in a conversational tone that was based on the way real people asked questions during their first visits.

Unique Icons.

In order to match the overall aesthetic, I crafted unique icons for all the services the hospital offers.

Illustrations with purrsonality.

As opposed to using stock images,
I created a number of illustrations to use throughout the website, advertising, social media, and blog posts.

(Sorry about the “purrsonality” pun)

  • Cat with stinky breath
  • Cat not interested in food
  • Cat who doesn't want to be touched
  • Dr. Elston
  • Bacteria grabs onto teeth
  • Plaque can be removed with brushing

Loveable ads.

I also created a number of ads to highlight the unique selling points of the hospital. Clients seem to like them – literally – with each ad racking up hundreds of likes on Facebook.

(When was the last time you “liked” an ad?)


Founded in the early 1980’s, T.H.E. Cat Hospital is a veterinary practice specializing in cats (and only cats). Given this focus, they have developed deep expertise in feline veterinary care – and are priced accordingly.

However, they had a bit of a problem. Despite providing premium services, their online presence was… well… not all that premium. When compared to the more budget-focused competitors in the area, T.H.E. Cat Hospital’s website and marketing merely “fit in”, rather than standing out as the premium offering.

So, I set about changing that.


Audit Experiences

I dove deep into the existing website, analytics, and other online touch points (like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.). From there, I went wide, evaluating the aesthetics, language, and online offerings of local competitors and well-known national chains.

Research Customers

To better understand the needs of clients, I personally sat in on dozens of office exams, sent out client surveys, spoke to staff, and did broader research in specialized veterinary communities.


Based on the insights generated during the audit and research, I developed a strategy for making their premium service more approachable through the use of beautiful and unique images, and friendly language.


Code & Launch

Test & Iterate


Completely responsive.

To give clients the best experience, I built the site to be 100% responsive. So, no matter if they’re browsing on a mobile phone or computer, they’ll get a beautiful experience and have access to the same information and features.