TV App Redesign

Improving workouts in the Living Room.

This ground-up redesign increased video views and customer satisfaction with Beachbody's Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku apps.

📘 The backstory: Over the years, Beachbody had launched apps for the Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku. However, they went years between updates, and were buggy, slow, and relied on inconsistent and antiquated design patterns. Basically, they didn't get much love until I was recruited to the company to change that.

The solution: We redesigned the apps from the ground up, using UX best practices, updated codebases, and a shared design language.

  • This dramatically improved customer satisfaction, while also giving us a great foundation to build on.
  • After the redesign was complete, we were able to quickly add new features to help the business continue evolving.

By the numbers: 

  • Views: Increased video views per user by 59% YOY.
  • Support Contacts: Decreased customer support contacts by >80%.
  • Crash Free: Achieved a 99+% crash free rate across all 3 platforms (previously was ~70%).
  • Ratings: Achieved 4.5 to 5 star ratings across app stores.


    • Designer: Chris Petrillo
    • Engineering: Blake Visin
    • Apple TV
      • Eric Dockery
      • Josh Borck
      • Jarisa Ali
    • Fire TV
      • Federico Perez
      • Edgar Garcia
      • Judy Spengeman
    • Roku
      • Anthony Holan
      • Garren Steigers
      • Daniel Smith
      • Justin Anderson
      • Ryan Gilbo
    • QA
      • David Sandoval
      • Aaron Wohl
      • Boran Eam