Cat Hospital Rebrand

A playful new identity for T.H.E. Cat Hospital.


After being in use for nearly 30 years, T.H.E. Cat Hospital’s logo felt outdated. It was originally designed to be put on the side of a building, and became indecipherable at small sizes. So, it was time for an update.

My Role

I was responsible for the entire rebrand, working with the team at T.H.E. Cat Hospital to understand their needs, as well as testing with a small group of customers.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Research & Customer Surveys
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Testing


Walk the fine line between professional and friendly


  • Modernize the look and feel
  • Create a memorable identity that works at different sizes
  • Stand out from the local competition
  • Retain a familiar feeling for existing clients


  • Although it can't be attributed solely to this redesign, new client numbers have doubled since it was launched
  • All marketing material now feels cohesive
  • Clients tell them how much they love the logo

Healthy cats. 
Happy lives.

T.H.E. Cat Hospital's new logo makes this premium specialty practice more friendly, modern, and accessible.
Design Philosophy

Playful & Professional

T.H.E. Cat Hospital's tagline is "Healthy Cats, Happy Lives", so the challenge was to make the logo reflect this. And since nothing says healthy cat quite like a kitty leaping through the air, that became a prominent part of the new mark.
Responsive Logo

Works great at all sizes

The logo is designed to scale to different sizes, with versions specifically designed for use on the website, social media, as well as on the buildings.
Immediately Familiar

Evolution. Not revolution.

Rather than a complete overhaul, the logo carries forward its DNA by using a slightly modified version of the original logotype.
Immediately Familiar

Patches and magnets and stickers, oh my!

The cat from the new logo was designed to work by itself as well as part of the word-mark. And to make sure clients became familiar with it, we gave out magnets & stickers, as well as adding patches to all employee uniforms.