Help Center

A new hub for self-help.


Hulu’s first set of Help Pages were originally developed in 2010 when there were a total of 25 articles. As the service matured, the number of articles expanded past 200 – making it harder to find relevant articles. This revamp was undertaken to modernize the design, make it mobile-friendly, and provide more robust self-help tools.

My Role

I was the Product Manager for the project, collaborating with customer support, design, engineering, and program management to drive the launch.

  • Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Collaborate with Customer Support Team on Strategy & Vision
  • Documentation & Wire-Framing
  • Coordination with Engineering Team
  • Roadmap & Prioritization


Help customers help themselves more efficiently


  • Reduce incoming support contacts for simple problems
  • Improve satisfaction with support
  • Launch a mobile version


  • Reduced contacts by 10%
  • Improved customer satisfaction with support articles by 20%
  • Successfully launched mobile-friendly version

The New Help Center

Getting help from Hulu has never been easier.

(Unfortunately, I've lost screenshots of the mobile version from launch)

Quick Links

Common actions available at a click.

Based on search data, we found that many customers were using the search field to look for things like their account page, so we added quick links to the most common searches on the home page of the Help Center.
Device Hubs

Help focused around popular devices.

To help customers find articles relevant to their personal devices, hubs were introduced for the most popular platforms. 

Dynamic Article Recommendations

Less waiting for answers to common questions.

Customers often sent emails asking for general troubleshooting steps, even when those steps were published on the website. So, the new contact form dynamically recommended relevant articles based on the message users typed.

Behind The Scenes

After the Account Page, this was one of the first mobile-responsive pages we built at Hulu. Previously, there was a "mobile web" experience on, however this was focused entirely on viewing short clips. Most pages were not mobile-friendly.

Since our customers were using their mobile phones when sitting on their couch trying to troubleshoot streaming issues on their TVs, this lack of a mobile-friendly help site was impacting customer satisfaction. This project aimed to change that.


The core team

This was a truly cross-functional collaboration, with our teams working across 3 offices in 2 countries.