Account Page

Simplifying Hulu’s account pages.


Hulu’s original profile page was launched in 2007, but had swollen into 16 sub-pages of settings and functionality over the years. The complexity of this settings "junk-drawer" made it difficult for customers to manage their own accounts, and was driving a large number of incoming support contacts.

My Role

I was the Product Manager, tasked with giving the account pages a much needed refresh.

  • Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Documentation & Wire-Framing
  • Coordination with Engineering Team
  • Roadmap & Prioritization


Take the junk-drawer to Bed Bath & Beyond


  • Simplify and reduce clutter
  • Make account self-service easier
  • Reduce account-related support contacts
  • Improve Hulu Plus Up-sell


  • Reduced 16 pages down to one
  • Increased subscription “save rate” by ~10%
  • Reduced customer support contacts by 25%
  • Added approximately $250K per year in new subscription revenue

Account Page 2.0

This revamp put a focus on the most common account-management functions, whittled everything down to a single page, and introduced a mobile version.
Dynamic subscription status

Account status. In plain language.

One of the primary drivers of customer support contacts was confusion over billing dates or questions about how to fix their "on hold" accounts. So, the revamp used plain language to describe the state of someone's account, and how to make changes.
Self Service Options

Account management made easy.

Based on usage metrics, we made the most-used features prominent and easy to find. This included things like making the cancellation button an actual button (rather than a tiny link), as well as introducing a version of the page optimized for mobile browsers.
Subscription Up-Sells

A new focus on subscriptions.

Several features were added to emphasize subscriptions for prospective and former Hulu Plus subscribers. This included a prominent up-sell, dynamic pre-cancel marketing offers, as well as messaging inviting former subscribers back.