Devin Elston

Devin Elston

👋 I'm a Product Manager with a passion for building experiences that delight customers while driving business results. I also dabble in some design.

For the past few years, I've been helping veterinarians create unforgettable client experiences at Vetfini. This involves everything from creating websites, marketing, identity design, and even the creation of a few physical products – like some silly little cat toys.

Before that, I was a Product Manager at a few streaming services (Hulu, CBS Interactive), where I launched features that helped people fall in love with new TV shows and movies.

Outside of the office, I enjoy finding life's unique experiences. For example, I completed a road trip through all 48 continental United States - by myself. I proposed to my wife moments after we set an Official Record at Universal Studios Hollywood. I even had a short film shown at – and attended – the International Cannes Film Festival during college.

You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble, or Medium.