Devin Elston

Devin Elston

👋 I'm a Product Leader with a passion for building experiences that delight customers while driving business results. I also sometimes dabble in a little design.

Most recently, I helped transform the at-home-fitness experience at Beachbody – bringing a modern experience into the Living Rooms of millions of subscribers.

Prior to that, I helped veterinarians create unforgettable client experiences at Vetfini. This involved everything from creating websites, marketing, identity design, and even the creation of a few physical products – like some silly little cat toys.

Before that, I was a Product Manager at a few streaming services (Hulu, CBS Interactive), where I launched features that helped people fall in love with new TV shows and movies.

Outside of the office, I enjoy finding life's unique experiences. For example, I took on a road trip through all 48 continental United States - alone. I proposed to my wife moments after we set an Official Record at Universal Studios Hollywood. I even had a short film shown at – and attended – the International Cannes Film Festival during college.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Dribbble, or Medium.