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I’m Devin. I manage products, design stuff, and love building simple solutions for complex problems. Also, I guess I now hold an official record at Universal Studios?

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Digital Overhaul

I completely revamped the digital experiences for this specialty veterinary practice.

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I came up with the original concept, and was the lead Product Manager for the launch of Hulu’s Watchlist.

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Recent Blog Posts.

Want to improve your interviews? Try a NERF gun.

Interviews are stressful no matter if you’re the candidate or interviewer. This is how we used a NERF gun to relieve that stress and have better interviews.

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Lessons in hiring: How Ryan Gosling helped in Hulu’s battle with culture vampires.

Culture vampires plague many teams from within, wreaking havoc on the working environment of their peers. This is how Ryan Gosling helped us in our battle with them.

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